Offer a Unique Tribute – Choose Bespoke Funeral Flowers from Perry Barr, Birmingham

Send a personal message with the bespoke funeral and tribute flowers we provide. Based in Perry Barr, Birmingham, Edith Wiley Florist produces unique tributes that accommodate your design ideas with precision and care.

All-Encompassing Designs

As with the wedding flowers we provide, there are no limits when it comes to the designs our skilled florists may produce. When you have a design that would perfectly symbolise the person who has passed, we will work tirelessly to ensure that it is rendered beautifully in a floral arrangement. This includes:

Animals – Footballs – Boats – Cars – Teddy Bears – Handbags – Guitars – Flags – Cigarette Packets – Aeroplanes

Beautifully Bespoke Flowers

At Edith Wiley Florist, we are truly committed to ensuring your floral arrangement is wholly unique. That’s why we welcome you to bring in an item upon which our florists will base the design of their arrangement.

Free Quotations

Don’t hesitate to get in touch in order to make specific requests about the flowers you would like in your arrangement. Free, no obligation quotations will be made available when you speak with one of our expert staff members.

Contact our florists today, in Perry Barr, Birmingham, for details about the bespoke funeral and tribute flowers we produce.

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